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DISCOPTIC suitcase

1 graduated white disk Ø 230mm
To clip on aluminium rail with serigraphy
Magnetic soles under the rail
1 semi cylindrical lens Ø200 x 12 mm
1 semi cylindrical tank Ø200 x 20 mm transparent graduated
1 plane mirror 80 x 20 mm
1 rod Ø10 x 450 mm
Suitcase with storage foams
Dimensions: 515 x 415 x 135 mm
Weight: 2.630 kg

Ref. DO110022


Manual ondoscope

36 double pendulum Ø8 x 300 mm
72 sliding inertial masses red and blue
70 plastic struts length. 25 mm
1 small ruler (distance measure)
2 wooden handles connected by nylon thread.
Dimensions: 1250 x 300 mm
Weight: 800 g 
Packaging: individual box.

Ref. DM202004


Suitcase mirrors light

1 LED light source with mirrors
1 accessory 1/3 slits with lens
1 magnetic mirror 80x20mm
2 metal reflectors: concave and convex
8 paper cards 50x50 of 8 different colours
6 filters of primary and secondary colours
8 lenses for geometric optics
1 suitcase with protection foam
Weight:  1.300 kg
Dimensions: 110 x 105 x 57 mm
Packaging: suitcase.

Ref. DO110004

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