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Air track + accessories

Blower for air track

Chronomètre + 2 capteurs optiques / Chronometer + 2 optical sensors

Chronometer + 2 optical sensors

Electromagnetic launcher for air track

Air dispatcher for air track

Dynamique de rotation / rotation dynamics

Rotation dynamics

Rotation dynamics software

Chute libre / Free fall

Free fall

Vacuum plate with electricity

Electric bell


Newton tube

Material study kit

Set of materials samples

Valisette oscillations forcées

Forced oscillations suitcase

Kit rechange pour valisette oscillations forcées

Spare kit for forced oscillations suitcase

Oscillations of a simple pendulum

MECAPRO briefcase

Valisette plan incliné - conversion énergie

Inclined plane suitcase

Magnetic inclined plane

Capteur de vitesse numérique / Digital speed sensor

Digital speed sensor

Circular dynamometer 1N on magnet

Circular dynamometer 10N on magnet

Circular dynamometer 5N on magnet

Circular dynamometer 2N on magnet

Dynamometer peson 1N

Dynamometer peson 2N

Dynamometer peson 5N

Dynamometer peson 10N

Magnetic support for peson dynamometer

Erasable magnetic board 600×400

Erasable magnetic board 600×900

Batch of 10 caps for magnet

Hook on magnet

Pulley on magnet

Axis on magnet

Disk of moments on magnet

Shape on magnet

Graduated lever on magnet

Graduated ruler on magnet

Batch of 11 hexagonal hook masses

Poulie sur tige / Pulley on rod

Pulley on rod

Hexagonal hook masses

Cylindrical hook masses

Box of brass masses 1 kg

Valisette bleue P25 / Blue suitcase P25

Blue suitcase P25

Valisette rouge P36 / Red suitcase P36

Red suitcase P36

Valisette noire P44 / Black suitcase P44

Black suitcase P44

Valisette noire P51 / Black suitcase P51

Black suitcase P51