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INITIAL optics bench

INITIAL sliding holder

Porte lentille-diapo INITIAL pour le collège

INITIAL lens-slide holder

INITIAL prism holder

INITIAL screen

SENIOR optics bench

SENIOR sliding holder

Bobine à inductance variable 1,2 H

Inductance coil variable 1.2H

Lens-slide holder SENIOR

SENIOR prism holder


Rail SENIOR OB 500

SENIOR screen

Lateral lens-slide holder senior

Angular hinge for SENIOR optics bench

PRISMATIC optics bench

Sliding holder 50 for PRISMATIC bench

Sliding holder 100 for PRISMATIC bench

Rail for PRISMATIC OB 500

Rail for PRISMATIC OB 1450

Rail for PRISMATIC OB 1950

Lens-slide holder PRISMATIC

Ø40 components holder rotary

PRISMATIC prism holder

Lateral sliding holder

Angular hinge for PRISMATIC optics bench

Graduated white screen on rod Ø10

Graduated frosted screen on rod Ø10

Iris diaphragm Premium

PREMIUM optics bench Ø80 – Focometry

Kit diffraction & interferences for PREMIUM optics bench Ø80

Sliding holder PREMIUM 50

Sliding holder PREMIUM 100

Lens holder Ø80 on rod

Slide adaptor for Ø80 lens holder

Adjustable slit PREMIUM

PREMIUM prism holder

Optics magnetic board

Forced oscillations device

Electrolyser with interchangeable electrodes

Electrolyser with Platinum electrodes

Red token laser

Diffraction gratings

Magnifying glass x3 Ø40 black plastic handle

Magnifying glass x4 & x10 – PMMA transparent

Magnifying glass Ø 40 x 3 – PMMA transparent

Loupe à main verre GR 4 Ø 40 monture noire

Green token laser

Universal aluminium source

nouveau article

nouveau article

nouveau article

Magnetic holder for optics magnetic board

Transformer coil 550 turns

Magnifying glass X 3 Ø 60 wood stick

Mono decade resistances x1Ω

Mono decade resistances x10Ω

Mono decade resistances x100Ω

Mono decade resistances x1KΩ

Mono decade resistances x10KΩ

Mono decade resistances x100KΩ

Mono decade resistances x1MΩ

Transformer coil 130 turns

Mirrors Ø40

Hooped mirrors Ø40

Mirrors Ø80

Vacuum plate

Transformer coil 1300 turns

Metallic inclined plane

7 decades inductances box

Protection glasses for red laser

Electromanipulations plate

Aplanatic magnifying glass

Electrolyser with Nickel electrodes

Batch of 6 PMMA lenses

Glass lenses Ø40 Biconcave

Glass lenses Ø40 Biconvex

Hooped glass lenses Ø40

Suitcase of hooped lenses

Batch of 10 clips to clamp Ø40

Glass lenses Ø80 Biconcave

Glass lenses Ø80 Biconvex

Batch of 10 clips to clamp Ø80

Lot de 8 diaphragmes INITIAL

Batch of 8 INITIAL diaphragms

Batch of 8 metal diaphragms

Object with letter D Ø40 metal

Object with letter D Ø80 metal


Ball Ø38 on rod Ø10

Suitcase mirrors light

LED light source with mirrors

Batch of 3 primary colour filters

Batch of 3 secondary colour filters

Motorized Newton disk

Batch of Newton and Benham disks

Dichroic filters Ø40mm

PREMIUM diffraction/interferences suitcase

PREMIUM diffraction/interferences suitcase – green

Polarizing filter Premium

Diffraction suitcase

6 simple slits slide

7 slits and 7 lines slide

Young slits with variable gap slide

Young slits with variable width slide

Polarizing filter slide

4 diffraction holes slide

Diffraction glass grating 1000 lines

Diffraction glass grating 140 lines

Diffraction glass grating 300 lines

Diffraction glass grating 530 lines

Diffraction glass grating 600 lines

Hooped token 7 slits & 7 lines

Hooped token YOUNG slits

Hooped token diffraction and YOUNG holes

Diffraction grating 140 lines

Diffraction grating 300 lines

Diffraction grating 530 lines

Diffraction grating 600 lines

Diffraction grating 1000 lines

Direct-vision prism

Red multibeams laser

Green multibeams laser

Red and green multibeams laser

TRIO red laser

TRIO green laser

TRIO blue laser

3 beams red laser

Kit geometric optics

Kit geometric optics with multibeams red laser

Kit geometric optics with multibeams red and green laser

Magnetic eye kit

Suitcase magnetic lenses

Light guide curved

Light guide straight


Magnetic mirror 80×20

Kit reflection refraction

DISCOPTIC suitcase

DISCOPTIC and Laser suitcase

HARTL disk

Semi cylindrical lens

Semi cylindrical tank graduated

Mirror for reflection refraction

Support on rod for light source with mirrors

5 beams source 12V/55W

5 colours filter for 5 beams light source


HEXALU source

ECOLED source

LED token light

Alimentation pour lampes spectrales double

Power supply for two spectral lamps

Carter for spectral lamps – sockets E27

Carter for spectral lamps – sockets 9 teeth

Tube spectroscope

Spectroscope metal with tank

Batch of 10 tubes for metal spectroscope

Graduated flat spectroscope

Air track + accessories

Blower for air track

Chronometer + 2 optical sensors

Electromagnetic launcher for air track

Air dispatcher for air track

Rotation dynamics

Rotation dynamics software

Free fall

Vacuum plate with electricity

Electric bell


Newton tube

Material study kit

Set of materials samples

Forced oscillations suitcase

Oscillations of a simple pendulum

MECAPRO briefcase

Valisette plan incliné - conversion énergie

Inclined plane suitcase

Magnetic inclined plane

Digital speed sensor

Circular dynamometer 1N on magnet

Circular dynamometer 10N on magnet

Circular dynamometer 5N on magnet

Circular dynamometer 2N on magnet

Dynamometer peson 1N

Dynamometer peson 2N

Dynamometer peson 5N

Dynamometer peson 10N

Magnetic support for peson dynamometer

Erasable magnetic board 600×400

Erasable magnetic board 600×900

Batch of 10 caps for magnet

Hook on magnet

Pulley on magnet

Axis on magnet

Disk of moments on magnet

Shape on magnet

Graduated lever on magnet

Graduated ruler on magnet

Batch of 11 hexagonal hook masses

Hexagonal hook masses

Cylindrical hook masses

Box of brass masses 1 kg

Ripple tank EASY KIT

LED Ripple tank

Accessories for ripple tanks

Foldable motorised ondoscope

Manual ondoscope

Complete CHLADNI experiment kit

Batch of 2 CHLADNI slabs

CHLADNI violin slab

Box of 200g sand for CHLADNI experiment

Melde vibrator

Circular Melde rope

Laser sound mock-up with optical fibre

Loudspeaker on box

Loudspeaker on base

Generator on base

Power supply 3 to 12V-600mA

Power supply 3 to 12V-1500mA

Power supply 6 – 12V 100VA

4 decades resistances boxes

5 decades resistances boxes

6 decades resistances boxes

7 decades resistances box

Tilt compass

Magnetic needle

Aiguille de Oersted

Oersted needle

Solenoid multi turns

Solenoid magnetic circuit

Linear magnetic circuit

Circular magnetic circuit

Magnet with variable gap

Laplace rail

Maximum flux coil

Helmholtz coils


Core U + I


Transformer coil 600 turns

Transformer coil 72 turns

Transformer coil 600 turns / power supply

Transformer coil 1200 turns

Melting ring

Coil 5 turns

Pair of poles for demountable transformer

Cap with 2 Carbon electrodes

Cap with 2 Iron electrodes

Cap with 2 Platinum electrodes

Cap with 2 Nickel electrodes

Cap with 2 Copper electrodes

Tube support for electrolyser

Supporting ring Ø45

Supporting ring Ø60

Supporting ring Ø70

Supporting ring Ø80

Blue suitcase for 10 slides

Blue suitcase for 12 lenses

Blue suitcase P25

Red suitcase P36

Black suitcase P44

Black suitcase P51