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Ripple tank EASY KIT

LED Ripple tank

Accessories for ripple tanks

Foldable motorised ondoscope

Manual ondoscope

Complete CHLADNI experiment kit

Batch of 2 CHLADNI slabs

CHLADNI violin slab

Box of 200g sand for CHLADNI experiment

Melde vibrator

Circular Melde rope

Laser sound mock-up with optical fibre

Loudspeaker on box

Loudspeaker on base

Valisette bleue P25 / Blue suitcase P25

Blue suitcase P25

Valisette rouge P36 / Red suitcase P36

Red suitcase P36

Valisette noire P44 / Black suitcase P44

Black suitcase P44

Valisette noire P51 / Black suitcase P51

Black suitcase P51