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Interrupteur jack 2.5mm

Electrical switch jack 2.5mm

Bobine à inductance variable 1,2 H

Inductance coil variable 1.2H

Mono decade resistances x1Ω

Mono decade resistances x10Ω

Mono decade resistances x100Ω

Mono decade resistances x1KΩ

Mono decade resistances x10KΩ

Mono decade resistances x100KΩ

Mono decade resistances x1MΩ

7 decades inductances box

Electromanipulations plate

Generator on base

Power supply 3 to 12V-600mA

Power supply 3 to 12V-1500mA

Power supply 6 – 12V 100VA

4 decades resistances boxes

5 decades resistances boxes

6 decades resistances boxes

7 decades resistances box

Tilt compass

Magnetic needle

Aiguille de Oersted

Oersted needle

Solenoid multi turns

Solenoid magnetic circuit

Linear magnetic circuit

Circular magnetic circuit

Magnet with variable gap

Laplace rail

Maximum flux coil

Helmholtz coils


Core U + I


Bobine transformateur 72 spires

Transformer coil 72 turns

Transformer coil 600 turns

Transformer coil 1200 turns

Bobine transformateur 600 spires / secteur

Transformer coil 600 turns / power supply

Melting ring

Coil 5 turns

Pair of poles for demountable transformer

Valisette bleue P25 / Blue suitcase P25

Blue suitcase P25

Valisette rouge P36 / Red suitcase P36

Red suitcase P36

Valisette noire P44 / Black suitcase P44

Black suitcase P44

Valisette noire P51 / Black suitcase P51

Black suitcase P51