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Free fall

Chute libre / Free fall
  • Chute libre / Free fall
  • Chronomètre pour expérience de la chute libre

    • Experiments

      Free fall experiment.


    • Features

      Tube structure 20x20mm in aluminium shaped
      (delivered in 2 tubes to assemble)
      Graduated on 1450mm
      On black base with magnetic container Ø70mm
      Starting with electromagnet 6V with security sockets
      Jack cable to connect chronometer with start
      3 steel marbles Ø15, 13 and 10mm
      1 plumb line
      Dimensions: 290 x 290 x 1500mm
      Total weight: 2.900 kg
      Packaging: individual box (250x700x170mm)


    • Ref. DM241005


  • School level

    • Senior high school.
Product advantages
  • Tube structure to assemble to make the delivery easier.


  • Container magnetic to avoid the marble rebound.


  • Vertical height adjustable: plumb line and base with screws.
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