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Polarizing filter Premium

PREMIUM diffraction/interferences suitcase

Diffraction glass grating 1000 lines

Diffraction grating 140 lines

Diffraction grating 300 lines

Diffraction grating 530 lines

Diffraction grating 600 lines

Diffraction grating 1000 lines

Hooped token 7 slits & 7 lines

Hooped token YOUNG slits

Hooped token diffraction and YOUNG holes

Diffraction glass grating 140 lines

Diffraction glass grating 300 lines

Diffraction glass grating 530 lines

Diffraction glass grating 600 lines

6 simple slits slide

7 slits and 7 lines slide

Young slits with variable gap slide

Young slits with variable width slide

Polarizing filter slide

Diffraction suitcase

4 diffraction holes slide

Blue suitcase for 10 slides