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Product details

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    • Experiments

      Additive synthesis of colours.
      Subtractive synthesis of colours.


    • Features

      Black aluminium ventilated casing with hexagonal shape
      Aluminium rod Ø10 removable
      Lighting source: 3 LED 3W
      Circles: until Ø400mm
      3 colours: red, blue, green
      3 potentiometers to adjust light intensity
      Longitudinal adjustment rod Ø8
      Power supply: 12V (included)
      Weight: 0.780 kg
      Dimensions with rod: 380x140x120 mm
      Packaging: individual box.


    • Ref. DO105033


  • School level

    • Junior and senior high schools.
Product advantages
  • The white colour is clear thanks to the factory adjustment.


  • High visibility from the bottom of the classroom.


  • Power of the LED can be adjusted until 0.
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