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SENIOR optics bench


Product details
    • Experiments

      Focometry study (measure of a focal distance). 
      Decomposition of light. 
      Diffraction study with a laser.

    • Features

      1 aluminium rail in Ω shape, length 1950
      (graduated until 1900)
      1 ECOLED source 3W
      4 sliding holders with index and clamping screw
      3 lens –slides holders (Ø40) on aluminium rod Ø10
      4 clips to clamp (whose 1 on the lighting source)
      1 prism holder on aluminium rod Ø10
      1 white graduated screen 150x150mm on aluminium rod Ø10
      4 glass lenses Ø 40 F -100 / +125 / +250 / +500
      8 metallic circular tokens Ø 40
      1 suitcase with protection foams

      Also available with a rail 1450 mm – DO106033

      Ref. DO106037

  • School level
    • Senior high school.
Product advantages
  • Economical set for most elementary optical experiments.

  • Quick installation.

  • Reading on both side of the optics bench.

  • All components can be sold separately.