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Ripple tank EASY KIT


Product details

Demo video



    • Experiments

      Generation of waves
      Huygens principle
      Reflection/refraction of waves
      Diffraction/superposition of waves
      Doppler’s effect


    • Features

      Tank to build with projection mirror and viewing screen
      Ripple generator with adjustable frequency (1-60 Hz) with screen
      LED strobe 3W on hose
      Power supply: 12V / 1 Ah direct current
      White screen: 333×320 mm
      1 set of 3 exciters
      (simple wave, double wave, and plane wave)
      1 set of 7 accessories
      (trapezoid, biconcave, biconvex, parallels faces)
      Draining pipe – spirit level
      Dimensions: 320x360x330 mm
      Weight: 8 kg
      Packaging: individual box 600x400x200
      + thermoformed protective foam.


    • Ref. DM200023


  • School level

    • Senior high school.
Product advantages
  • Quick to assemble: set up in 5 mn.


  • LED strobe on magnetic hose with synchronous and asynchronous frequency.


  • Direct reading of frequency from ripple generator.


  • Level adjustment with the 4 feet and spirit level.
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