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Forced oscillations suitcase


Product details
    • Experiments

      Static study (Hooke’s law).
      Dynamic study.
      Study of forced oscillations.

    • Features

      1 control casing 170x130x105 mm with:
        – Frequency display
        – Stepper motor
        – 1 adjustable eccentric pulley
      1 bracket 820 mm with separated base
      1 graduated ruler with adjustable zero
      1 spring
      Power supply: 12V / 1A direct current
      1 magnetic tube
      3 masses with different weight
      3 discs with different diameter
      Storage magnetic box for accessories
      Total weight: 4.920 Kg
      Suitcase dimensions: 510x410x130 mm

      Ref. DM200024

  • School level
    • Senior high school, higher education.
Product advantages
  • Dismantled bracket and suitcase storage = easy delivery to your customers.

  • The tube enables to study the impact of the liquid shock absorption on oscillations.

  • Frequency goes to 3Hz to study resonances.

  • Direct reading of oscillations frequency.