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Manual ondoscope

Ondoscope manuel
  • Réglette graduée pour ondoscope manuel
  • Mesure sur ondoscope motorisé pliable / Measure on foldable motorised ondoscope
  • Ondoscope manuel

    • Demo video


    • Experiments

      Propagation, reflexion, and superimposition of waves.


    • Features

      36 double pendulum Ø8 x 300 mm
      72 sliding inertial masses red and blue
      70 plastic struts length. 25 mm
      1 small ruler (distance measure)
      2 wooden handles connected by nylon thread.
      Dimensions: 1250 x 300 mm
      Weight: 800 g
      Packaging: individual box.

      Ref. DM202004


  • School level

    • Junior and senior high schools.
Product advantages
  • Excellent quality/price ratio.


  • Easy use for a quick demonstration.
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