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Diffraction suitcase


Product details
    • Experiments

      Diffraction light.


    • Features

      Suitcase including 10 slides 50 x 50 mm
      Dimensions suitcase: 240 x 200 x 45 mm
      Weight: 240 g


    • DO115003 140 lines / mm
      DO115002 530 lines / mm
      DO115005 600 lines / mm
      DO115006 1000 lines / mm
      DO115019 Three Young slits
      DO115014 Slide double slit
      DO115015 Slide 4 diffraction holes
      DO111009 Polarizing slide
      DO115022 Slide 7 slits 7 lines
      DO115026 Hologram slide


    • Ref. DO115021


  • School level

    • Senior high school.
Product advantages
  • High quality gratings.


  • Different uses: white light, laser, spectral light.


  • All components can be sold separately.
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