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Kit geometric optics


    • Experiments

      Eye study
      Reflection refraction
      Geometric aberration
      Optics instruments


    • Features

      14 magnetic lenses
      1 magnetic mirror
      7 erasable boards 250x350mm
      Human eye, camera, optical disk, grid,
      Galilean telescope, Keplerian telescope,
      Newton telescope.
      4 magnets Ø32.6mm
      1 erasable pen
      1 suitcase with protection foam
      Weight:  1.100 kg
      Dimensions: 370x310x80 mm
      Packaging: suitcase.


    • Ref. DO108022


  • School level

    • Junior and senior high schools.
Product advantages
  • Different experiments in one product.


  • Erasable boards.


  • Quick storage.


  • See the range “KITS GEOMETRIC OPTICS”.
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