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Dynamometer peson 2N


    • Experiment

      Study of moments and forces.
      Hook law.


    • Features

      Tube with square shape 16x16mm in transparent plastic
      Aluminium rod set on spring
      Black graduations
      Force: 2N
      Colour: red
      Dimensions excluding hook: 65 x 16mm
      Weight: 20g
      Packaging: sachet


    • Ref. DM231006


      DM231005 Dynamometer peson 1N
      DM231006 Dynamometer peson 2N
      DM231007 Dynamometer peson 5N
      DM231008 Dynamometer peson 10N


  • School level

    • Junior and senior high schools.
Product advantages
  • Graduation easy to see.


  • Use on magnetic board with magnetic support.


  • Colour code for every force.
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