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MECAPRO briefcase


    • Experiments

      Study of the gravity center
      Moments of the forces
      Inclined plane
      Sum of forces
      HOOKE’s law
      Spring calibration


    • Features

      1 moments disk on magnet with spool of yarn
      1 metallic lever 22 equidistant holes
      1 axis on magnet
      Batch of magnetic accessories:
      4 pulleys, 2 hooks, 1 ruler
      2 magnetic dynamometers with dial 2N
      4 magnetic dynamometers spring balance (2N – 5N)
      1 set of 12 masses hooks (50, 100 and 200g)
      1 inclined plane and its roller
      3 springs of different rigidity with their magnetic scale of calibration
      2 erasable markers
      3 arrows and 2 triangles magnetic
      1 briefcase with dimensions: 500 x 400 x 130 mm
      Weight: 4.860 kg

      Ref. DM233008


  • School level

    • Junior and senior high schools.
Product advantages
  • Large number of interactive, visible experiments.


  • Quick set up and tidying up.


  • All components can be sold separately.
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