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Ø40 components holder rotary

Barillet porte-composants / components holder rotary
  • Barillet porte-composants Ø40 sur banc d'optique prismatique
  • Barillet porte-composants Ø40

Product details
  • Demo video


    • Experiments

      Focometry study.
      Light diffraction.


    • Features

      Rotary black PVC disk Ø140mm
      Ball bearing on removable rod Ø10mm
      Can support 5 circular components Ø40mm
      Hold by clips to clamp
      Weight:  300 g
      Dimensions: 215 x 140 x 40 mm
      Packaging: individual box.


    • Ref. DO107019


  • School level

    • Senior high school.
Product advantages
  • Quick change of components.


  • Optical axis saved during the change.
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