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Dichroic filters Ø40mm


Product details
    • Experiments

      Additive synthesis of colours.
      Subtractive synthesis of colours.


    • Features

      Dichroic treatment by oxides of metals layers deposition
      Filters in borofloat glass
      Unit weight: about 10 g
      Colours sold separately.
      Dimensions: Ø40 x 2mm
      Packaging: sachet of 10 filters.

      DO111024 Dichroic filter Ø 40 red
      DO111025 Dichroic filter Ø 40 green
      DO111026 Dichroic filter Ø 40 blue
      DO111027 Dichroic filter Ø 40 cyan
      DO111028 Dichroic filter Ø 40 magenta
      DO111029 Dichroic filter Ø 40 yellow


  • School level

    • Senior high school, higher education.
Product advantages
  • High precision.
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