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Air track + accessories

  • Support pour capteur de vitesse numérique / Support for digital speed sensor

    • Experiments

      Newton’s laws
      Uniform and accelerated movements
      Inclined plan
      Elasticity & inelasticity
      Kinetic energy


    • Features

      1 aluminium shaped rail 1850mm
      Graduated in mm on 1.80m
      2 tapped faces of 2 rows with holes Ø1mm
      Adjustment feet included 1 compressed air hose (1.80m)
      2 trolleys of 90mm
      2 supports for optical sensors

    • 1 support for digital speed sensor
      Pulley accelerometer and inclined plane
      1 spirit level
      Accessories batch
      Storage suitcase with protection foams
      1 instruction for use (can be customized)
      Rail dimensions: 85x71x1950 mm
      Packaging for rail: tube
      Total weight: 4 kg
      To be completed with the blower – DM241014

      Ref. DM241013


  • School level

    • Senior high school.
Product advantages
  • Experiments of Newton’s laws without friction.


  • Specific section to ensure the extreme rigidity of the rail.


  • Adjustable feet to make a perfect stability and horizontality.


  • A lot of mechanical movement experiments is possible.
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