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DISCOPTIC and Laser suitcase


    • Experiments

      Descartes’ law
      Kepler’s law
      Relation n1 sin i1 = n2 sin i2
      Calculation of liquid refraction index


    • Features

      1 graduated white disk Ø 230mm
      To clip on aluminium rail with serigraphy
      Magnetic soles under the rail
      1 red TRIO laser with power supply
      1 semi cylindrical lens Ø200 x 12 mm
      1 semi cylindrical tank Ø200 x 20 mm transparent graduated
      1 plane mirror 80 x 20 mm
      1 rod Ø10 x 450 mm
      Suitcase with storage foams
      Dimensions: 515 x 415 x 135 mm
      Weight: 2.810 kg


    • Ref. DO110023


  • School level

    • Senior high school.
Product advantages
  • The suitcase includes storages for aluminium universal source and TRIO laser.


  • 3 possible uses: horizontal on table, and vertical on magnetic boards or with the rod.


  • The kit enables to study reflection-refraction without optics bench.
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