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Direct-vision prism


Product details
    • Experiments

      Snell-Descartes law (refraction).


    • Features

      4 external side faces frosted
      Made with 3 prisms with different indexes:
      2 in crown : low dispersive glass
      1 in flint : high dispersive glass
      Wavelength undeflected: 587.5 nm
      (crown index nc 1.523 nm and flint index nf 1.672 nm)
      Matter: mineral glass
      Dimensions: 53 x 20 x 20 mm
      Weight: 60 g

      Ref. DO112002


  • School level

    • Senior high school.
Product advantages
  • Important light-scattering.


  • Direct vision of the spectrum thanks to prism structure.


  • Perfect using on optics bench.
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