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PREMIUM optics bench Ø80 – Focometry


Product details
    • Experiments

      Focometry study in Ø80.

    • Features

      1 prismatic aluminium rail shaped 1950 mm
      1 aluminium source HEXAPOWER with LED
      1 red TRIO laser
      3 sliding holders PREMIUM 50 mm
      1 sliding holder PREMIUM 100 mm
      2 lens holders Ø80 on rod Ø10mm
      4 glass lenses Ø80 F -100/+100/+200/+500
      1 plane mirror Ø80
      1 slide adaptor for Ø80 lens holder
      1 adjustment diaphragm for optical axis
      1 white graduated screen 200 x 200 on rod Ø10
      1 suitcase

      Also available with rail 1450mm – DO106046

      Ref. DO106041

  • School level
    • Senior high school, higher education.
Product advantages
  • Study with precision the focometry in Ø80.

  • The precision and sturdiness of a premium bench at a reachable price.

  • The suitcase can contain the components of the two PREMIUM optics bench kits.

  • All components can be sold separately.